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"The Vietnamese people deeply love independence, freedom and peace.
But in the face of United States aggression they have risen up, united as one man."
Ho Chi Minh
What a great country is Viet Nam!
I spent there a few days during my holidays, I was surprised by lots of things such as the colours of the streets, the shape of the houses, the cooking, the people smiling and waving, the laboriousness and the humbleness of the vietnamese. I couldn't fail to notice the connection between them, scooters or bikes and the traffic. The way and the skill with whom they go around the city and how they ride with kids or loads on board. I wouldn't say it's a reckless way of driving, I'd rather say they drive with their mind free.

Although I find it dangerous I admire it!
ON TWO WHEELS  ...have a look!
I think that a city shows its real face during the night. During the day you see how it wants to be, while at night you understand what's going on and you realize what the city is really like. If there are no streetlights the shops illuminate the roads. When the shop is also the house, after a working day people sit together to have dinner, talking and watching tv. Since not everyone have stopped working, somebody is waiting for more costumers to come and someone else is still on his duty.

I got a cab at night and took the pictures..
SHOPS AT NIGHT  ...have a look!
When the world wanted to decide the fate of Viet Nam, the vietnamese people stood for themselves, they fought and won. Compact and firm. It's strange to think how such a peaceful landscape was the theater of a bloody war like the one that this land has suffered.

COUNTRY SIDE  ...have a look!

"hương" stands for "Parfume" so "hương viet nam" means "Parfume of Viet Nam." I haven't been here for a long time, I just smelled the scent of this country and what I felt was charming.
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