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Thanks a lot for your visit! I'm a photographer and my name is Albert.

Here's my short C.V.:

 ≠ High School Diploma in Languages.
 ≠ Specialist training in JAVA, C#, and Web Programming softwares.
 ≠ Three years Master Degree in Photography, at ISFCI in Rome.
 ≠ School of journalism and creative writing, at Omero School in Rome.
 ≠ Photoworkshops with some of the very best artists of today, such as Lina Pallotta, Jane Evelyn Atwood and others.

I work as a personal photographer for ceremonies, parties and travels.
I offer myself as a tour guide in Rome, across Italy, Europe and worldwide.
Spoken languages include Chinese and Japanese.

Feel free to contact me for your collaboration proposal or to submit your request.
http://www.fiftypictures.com   ≠   (39) 3389240535   ≠  contact@fiftypictures.com

Please adjust your monitor's brightness and contrast according to this palette in order to see the pictures as I intended to. Thank you!
(39) 3389240535 contact@fiftypictures.com   ≠  all the pictures within this site are my own private property. contact me for prints or full resolution files.